Tap Room & Bar

Always a great place to meet friends or start an interesting date night, the bar area is warm and inviting in the winter and opens to our patio to expose a cool breeze when the temperatures heat up.

Looking out over our patio, Bistecca at the Granary features our Tap Room. Enjoy a bright and lively cocktail or sample one of the local brews. Sharing appetizers or looking for a casual meal? We have our famous nachos, but check out what else is new and share-able on our casual menu. Or if you’re more in the mood for cocktails, peruse our cocktail list.

For you brew connoisseurs, we’ve included our current beer list with a brief description. Enjoy a hearty porter when there is a chill in the air, celebrate the season with a nut brown or lighten up with a crisp IPA.

Beer Name Type Alcohol By Volume (ABV) Internation Bittering Units (IBU)
Guinness Stout 4.2% 40
Bud Light Pale Lager 4.2% 15
Head Trauma/Angry Hanks IPA 6.0% 30-40
Stella Artois European Pale Lager 4.8% – 5.2% 15
Czech Style Pilsner/Lagunitas Pilsner 6.0% 28
Copper John/Madison River Scotch Ale 7.0% 19
Streetfight/Angry Hanks Red Ale 6.2% 15
White Noise/Uberbrew Hefeweizen 5.7% 15
Bozone/Bozeman Brewing Amber 5.4% 29
Helio/Red Lodge Ales Brewing Co. Hefeweizen 5.75% – 6.0% 12
Black Butte/Deschutes Porter 5.2% 30
Salmon Fly/Madison River Honey Rye 5.6% 14
River Nymph/Neptune’s Brewery Pilsner 6.1% 35
Anger Management/Angry Hanks Belgian Wheat 4.0% 11
Irish Death/Iron Horse Brewery Dark Ale 7.8% 35
Hopzone/Bozeman Brewing Co. IPA 7.0% 80+
Space Dust/Elysian IPA 7.2% 62
Mirror Pond/Deschutes Pale Ale 5.0% 40
Bakken Bock/Bayern Brewing Doppelbock Lager 8.4% N/A
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Wine Pairing Billings MT, Crisp IPA Billings MT, Domestic Beer Billings MT
Wine Pairing Billings MT, Crisp IPA Billings MT, Domestic Beer Billings MT